Monday, August 13, 2007

Dear friend,

I noticed the marchacrossamerica link in your bio-box. See, I live in Germany, in "K-Town" (properly: Kaiserslautern), as the Americans call it. We have Ramstein Air Base here, the US-Military Hospital and about 40K Americans. There is also a place called the Fisher House or Fischer Haus (don't know which spelling is used) - this is an institution, where the maimed soldiers reunite with their families for weeks or even months before they are transferred back to the States. One of the guys looking after the maimed is a Vietnam veteran, with no legs. He does marathons in support of the injured soldiers. I'll try to look him up - maybe, we can get you in touch with him.Also: The other night, we had an American friend with us ( I did not know him before) during a barbeque. I told him about liberty (never mentioning Ron Paul) - before taking his leave in the night, he asked for my e-mail address: "I've got something, you will enjoy," he said - it turned out, he was going to send me Ron Paul links. No matter, whom I talk to from the American community over here - they just love the RP-message - it is amazing, in 40 years I never witnessed such a degree of political cohesion among Americans in K-Town - along the lines of liberty.

Best regards Georg ThomasPSGreat to have YOUR support - Germany needs a free America to become a free country herself.

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Ron Paul Walk Success

- - -

In just one of 29 simlutaneous walks in 29 different states around the USA today, 26 August 2007, 72 Ron Paul supporters walked 10 miles from Hollywood to Beverly Hills to demonstrate support for Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign and to show the world that Ron Paul supporters are, indeed, a force to be reckoned with. The event was in celebration of Dr Paul’s 73rd birthday!
To give you further idea of the dedication of Ron Paul supporters, the walk in Georgia today was TWENTY SEVEN MILES! And there was a march in the blistering heat in Phoenix which was called by the people there the Walk Through Hell for Ron Paul!
Here are some pictures and videos of the incredibly awesome, freedom loving, patriotic Ron Paul supporters who came out to walk walk walk for 6 hours.
Nobody walks in LA? Ron Paul supporters do!!

Here I am with some supporters in the background across the street. This was in Hollywood before we started walking.

just a few of the 72…

many people showed support as we walked through Hollywood, Melrose, West LA and into Beverly Hills, especially strong support (measured largely by honking horns) was in Beverly Hills! Some people had the following question and so we gave out many, many flyers and such..

A security guard we passed wanted to know who Ron Paul was so one of us told him and handed him a flyer…

Ron Paul supporters of all ages were on hand…

72 people walking down the street, chanting in rythym and with a megaphone (except when GARKO was singing “America the Beautiful” is a lot of presence for Ron Paul!

March Across America For Ron Paul…

and oh, yes, we had balloons…

One of the stars of the day.. this guy glided in and out of traffic giving people in cars flyers about Ron Paul and holding this sign. Almost surrealistic how awesome this was!

and you can see him in action in this video…

Our fun and adventurous Meet Up coordinator

and here is his initial report on the day…
It was the best Ron Paul support activity in LA to date. We had 72 people, at least 60% of the people were new and all were enthusiastic and full of love for Ron Paul, Freedom and the Constitution. We gave out thousands and thousands of pieces of literature and got lots and lots of honks and pedestrians and motorists alike telling us they support Ron Paul. It was amazing how many people already know and love Ron. We were blessed with cool, cloudy weather all day and even a light sprinkle to make us feel good. We chanted for Ron and Freedom the whole way. As we got to Beverly Hills, a radio station that I know called me and asked me if I could fill in for a host…so they put me on the air right then and there and we broadcast our walk and rally live! We passed the cell phone around and people told the listeners why they love Ron Paul. We got the Freedom Message out in person and remotely as well! Thank you all for attending! I find it hard to write down eloquently what a great day it was.
One of several vehicles that accompanied us ….

And a couple more videos…

Here are some initial reports from other cities…
About the walk, all I can say is wow, freakin’ wow! What a fantastic effort! I’m still hearing the shouts of “Ron Paul” echoing through the caverns of downtown. Yeah, our route took a few twists and turns, but it was all for the better. Watching you hand out lit with kids in tow was nothing more than inspiring.

We had 52 people at the event out of 58 RSVP’s! The percentage was fantastic, if not downright unheard of. What impressed me the most were meeting all the new members who took the time out of a Sunday afternoon on the week before Labor Day. Braving the heat, a couple of blistered bunyons, and representing the Paul Campign with professionalism and fire that may very well be the envy of this event. Okay, Chicago will probably blow us out of the water, because they have nine times the population. Still, I can’t even begin to convey the pride I had for each one of you.

I’m not sure of my footage, but with everyone’s videotaping, I think there’s some awesome material for YouTube and the like.

BTW, I was told that the local FOX affiliate shot some footage after we disbanded. I don’t know if they we’re picking up on the Bearcat scanner about a group of rabid Ron Paul supporters marching through downtown, or if they just noticed us at the conclusion of that support our troops event downtown. Doubt they’ll show any of it, but keep your VCR’s handy for their evening news.

Hope this email made sense. I’m too hot, sweaty, and tired to proof it.

Liberty in Our Lifetime
Indianapolis, indiana
OREGON…(July 4th)

OREGON August 4th!





]]> - A Solid List of Things GARKO DESPISES Sun, 26 Aug 2007 14:28:43 +0000 garko - - - - - - - - - -

It fails to list Eli Lilly et al and psychiatric pseudoscience, the Child Protective Services scam and such but it is a pretty good list. It starts at the 1:55 countdown marker…

- Aaron Russo and the Fight for Freedom Sun, 26 Aug 2007 04:12:02 +0000 garko - - - - - - - - - - - -

once upon a time in a mythical land called America there was a man named Aaron Russo.
America was a free land of free people who did free things freely but with respect for law, honor, truth and God.
But this had been many decades prior to Aaron’s time.
America had become a land of people who were oh so very proud of what it had been, “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, but which were majorly oblivious to the fact that it no longer was. For the people were no longer free people but had been enslaved by greedy bankers so that every aspect of their lives was run by a corrupt elite few and yet the people thought they were still free.
So America was in almost all aspects a mythical land of people who were living as if free while being enslaved. A more tragic story has never been told.

Americans were so blind in their belief that they were still free that they even cheered when their leaders forced other countries to be free like America no matter how many Americans and people of the foreign land had to die and in spite of the fact that the evidence of their enslavement was all around them in terms of financial duress, illegal taxation, drug pushing and mental pseudoscience and labeling of the people and lies, lies and more lies from every media outlet, politician and corporation and yet people still went to ballgames and celebrated their independence and told the whole world how great it was to be American in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Can you dig it?

Well, one day, Aaron Russo decided that this could not be. That people had to wake up. That he was going to wake people up and that this was his mission and that he would expose the greedy bankers and get people to take back their freedom and that people would listen to him and that it was worth whatever price he had to pay in order to wake people up so that they would see that they were no longer free and they would do whatever they had to do in order to take back their freedom.

And Aaron told a truth that had never been told before and he told it in a way that it had never been told before with class, humor, dignity and above all, honesty, and he did this at great expense of his personal finances and his personal health and Aaron died.

But before he died he had lit a fire for freedom within millions of people who were now aware that they had been lied to, that they were not free people and who turned from sheep into patriots willing to fight for their freedom in the span of one viewing of Aaron’s story and you can tell me about all the great men of the Bible and of all ages past and the many people who dot the landscape of history and stood up for freedom and for liberty, the Martin Luther Kings, George Washingtons and Ghandis. But no man has ever stood with so much courage alone in a time of universal deceit and told the truth in such a way that it changed everything just from telling of the story and telling of the truth.
But this is just the beginning of the story.
And the rest is history.
And the rest us up to you and me.
To fight for freedom
and preserve Aaron’s legacy.